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Signage maintenance services

06 December 17

Signage maintenance services

Exterior signs draw attention to your business, establish brand identity and can assist clienteles in navigation.

First Impressions Count. The design, look & feel of your sign is imperative to creating impact about the way you do business.

Maintenance is ongoing aspect of the representation of your sign. If a bulb burns out, or colors fade on your sign – This can create a lack of appeal to outside potential customers. Hence, regular maintenance is required to keep your signs sheen and splendor.

Signage is your first opportunity to create impression on your customer. Signage needs to be compelling, unswerving and above all, it is the true reflection of your business. Remember a sparkling sign translates to better business! Regular maintenance and cleaning of your signs will not only extend their effective life span but will also upgrade your brand identity by crafting the correct opinion of your business on customers. It is proven that the Clean, functioning signs and lighting can increase customer traffic by 30%and instill a sense of security and bonding with your business.

Importance of Proper Signage Care When it comes to signs, undeniably we admit the importance and value of proper signage.  If you want to avoid replacing your sign every five to ten years, here are a few simple steps:

  • Make sure your sign is always clean with no dirt, mold or animals that slowly destroy your sign.
  • Replace light bulbs and LED’s immediately to reduce further electrical (or misspelled word) problems.
  • Consistently ensure signs are rust-free and handle elaborate maintenance during different weather conditions.

Our team is trained with the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done right! Should additional maintenance needs arise, we are a full-service sign company with many offerings, including:

  • Sign repair
  • Sign maintenance
  • Sign and lighting repair
  • Sign install
  • LED replacement
  • Sign service
  • Sign refurbish
  • Lighting upgrade